“Not only is Earl knowledgeable, talented and patient, he also knows everything there is to know about music-scheduling software. He is a singular resource that can be used to improve every sector of your radio station programming. Having knowledge isn’t enough to truly make a resource like Earl Boston Inc. shine… you also need the follow through.

As noted Earl Boston Inc. offers remarkable customer service in addition to his ability to optimize any radio station for success. He gives you everything you need to put your radio station on the map. As an Operations Manager for “97.9 The Box”, “Majic 102.1”, and “Radio Now 92.1″ I am intimately aware of all of the details that need to be combined to make a radio station a success. I am a believer in the incredible knowledge and services provided by Earl Boston Inc.”


Terri Thomas
Operations Manager
97.9 The Box
Majic 102.1
Praise 92.1
Houston, Texas


“It’s a pleasure to work with Earl Boston and EBI. His knowledge and unique way of teaching is inspiring and uplifting. I would encourage anyone interested in programming to seek his assistance.”


Ron Thompson
Program Director
Praise 104.1
Spirit 1340
Washington, DC

“I have worked with EBI and Earl Boston for 10 years during my tenure as SVP/Programming & Content for Radio One. Earl is dependable and has a wealth of knowledge about Selector, GSelector and MusicMaster music-scheduling programming.

His expertise with monitoring a station’s database and troubleshooting it’s scheduling performance is an asset to any company, and he has proven to be fully capable of maintaining precise category rotations which was greatly appreciated by our program directors.”


Jay Stevens
TenShare Media
Make It Happen

“Earl Boston Inc. is able to make a radio station shine by putting the music first and understanding that the content of a radio station must always be at the forefront. Through music-scheduling software, he is able to develop the brand and sound of a radio station. He understands how music should be broken up and how it needs to flow together.

Earl also understands the importance of radio station personalities and how their talent should be utilized. All of this knowledge works together to build a firm foundation on which a radio station can succeed. I’m the Operations Manager of radio stations WTLC, Hot 96.3, The Light and Boom 102.9 Indianapolis. I can see the value of the services of Earl Boston Inc. Now it’s time to make that value work for you.” 


Karen Vaughn
Operations Manager
WTLC “Indy’s R&B Leader”
Hot 96.3
1310 The Light
Radio Now 100.9
Indianapolis, Indiana

“Earl Boston helped launched the careers of many great Program Directors including mine. Not only a brilliant coach on best practices MusicMaster and Selector music programming but a leader in strategic thinking, planning and time management. He’s the right person to have on your winning team.”

Jay Dixon
Operations Manager
100.3 R&B and Hip Hop
Classix 107.9 WPPZ-FM
Praise 107.9 WPPZ-HD2

“I have had the honor of working with Earl Boston of EBI for over a decade. His professionalism and no non-sense approach to music scheduling and the inner workings of music scheduling are un-paralleled. The thing that sets him apart is that he shares the vast amount of knowledge he has. Yes… he is going to troubleshoot and fix your problem… but he is going to make sure YOU understand the problem and how he fixed it. I can truly say that working with him has made me a better programmer …and for that I am grateful.”

Derek Harper
Operations Manager
Hot 107.9
Classix 102.9
Majic 107.5/97.5
Atlanta, Georgia


“Earl Boston is a God send, he understands all facets of music-scheduling software plus he is a teacher, fixer and radio lifer. His expertise and attention to detail allows programmers to spend more time working on other areas of their jobs. He has been such a help to me during my career. There have been so many moments of frustration that Earl has eased with just a few clicks.

I have learned so much from him and appreciate his professional approach and kind demeanor. More importantly, his willingness to share knowledge and his commitment to spreading the science that he knows so well is unmatched.”


Colby Tyner
Senior VP/Programming
Radio One & Reach Media
Silver Spring, Maryland


Urban Brand Coordinator and Program Director for iHeartMedia, Michael Saunders is a believer in Earl Boston’s comprehensive music-scheduling knowledge. “EBI is the single most important tool for programmers to use to gain an undetected advantage on the competitor.”

Michael Saunders2

Michael Saunders
Program Director
Urban Brand Coordinator
104.5 Kiss FM
93.7 The Beat
Houston, Texas

“Earl Boston has been instrumental in my growth as a programmer thanks to his patient and detailed approach to music programming. Earl never hesitates to help with an issue or enlighten me on an easier scheduling process. You can count on EBI to assist you in mastering the science of music scheduling.”

Arthur “A-Plus” Willis
Operations Manager
Z HipHop 107.9
93.1 WZAK
Praise 94.5
Cleveland, Ohio

The services of Earl Boston Inc have been my lifeline as a programmer over the past 13 years. The customer service is beyond phenomenal and the detailed strategic planning that he offers to make sure my stations have delivered the best music variety and scheduling efficiency possible are magnificent. In the world of media anything can happen at any time, and I can call Earl with a question or a problem and know I will get the answer needed. If you want your station to have the best possible music library structure and offer your listeners the very best product, then EBI is a must, Period!

Theodore “Bink” Turner
Program Director
97.9 The Beat
Dallas, Texas