Terri Thomas remarks that Earl Boston is a fantastic teacher with a “wealth of knowledge to share.” Not only is Earl knowledgeable, talented and patient, he also knows everything there is to know about music-scheduling software. He is a singular resource that can be used to improve every sector of your radio station programming.

“Having knowledge isn’t enough to truly make a resource like Earl Boston Inc. shine… you also need the follow through. As noted Earl Boston Inc. offers remarkable customer service in addition to his ability to optimize any radio station for success. He gives you everything you need to put your radio station on the map. As an Operations Manager for “97.9 The Box”, “Majic 102.1”, and “Radio Now 92.1″ I am intimately aware of all of the details that need to be combined to make a radio station a success. I am a believer in the incredible knowledge and services provided by Earl Boston Inc.”


Terri Thomas
Operations Manager
KBXX “97.9 The Box”
KMJQ “Majic 102.1”
Houston, Texas


“It’s a pleasure to work with Earl Boston and EBI. His knowledge and unique way of teaching is inspiring and uplifting. I would encourage anyone interested in programming to seek his assistance.”


Ron Thompson
Program Director
WPRS-FM “Praise 104.1”
WYCB-AM “Spirit 1340”
Washington, DC _________________________________________________________________________________________

“I have worked with EBI and Earl Boston for 10 years during my tenure as SVP/Programming & Content for Radio One. Earl is dependable and has a wealth of knowledge about Selector, GSelector and MusicMaster music-scheduling programming. His expertise with monitoring a station’s database and troubleshooting it’s scheduling performance is an asset to any company, and he has proven to be fully capable of maintaining precise category rotations which was greatly appreciated by our program directors.”


Jay Stevens
TenShare Media
Make It Happen

Earl Boston Inc. is able to make a radio station shine by putting the music first and understanding that the content of a radio station must always be at the forefront. In her glowing testimonial regarding Earl Boston Inc., Karen Vaughn states that he is a patient and skilled expert within the industry.

“Through music-scheduling software, Earl is able to develop the brand and sound of a radio station. He understands how music should be broken up and how it needs to flow together. Earl also understands the importance of radio station personalities and how their talent should be utilized. All of this knowledge works together to build a firm foundation on which a radio station can succeed. I’m the Operations Manager of radio stations WTLC, Hot 96.3, The Light and Boom 102.9 Indianapolis. I can see the value of the services of Earl Boston Inc. Now it’s time to make that value work for you.”


Karen Vaughn
Operations Manager
WTLC “Indy’s R&B Leader”
WHHH-FM “Hot 96.3”
WTLC “AM 1310: The Light”
WNOW-H2 “Boom 102.9”
Indianapolis, IN


“While understanding the software is essential to developing a precise music log file, you also need to understand the concepts behind the software — and this is where Earl Boston and his expertise truly shine. Earl Boston has experience in every aspect of the radio industry and knows what it really means to develop a radio station. Earl Boston Inc. is evidence of Earl Boston’s extraordinary gift, knowledge and talent. EBI isn’t only a music-scheduling expert; he also knows the music-scheduling software inside and out.”


Hurricane Dave
Former Vice President of Programming
WHTA “Hot 107.9”
WAMJ “Majic 97.5/107.5”
WAMJ-HD2 “Classix 102.9”
WPZE “Praise 102.5”
Atlanta, Georgia


As the Operations Manager and Program Director of 2 highly visible stations in the Dallas/Ft Worth radio market, we use music-scheduling software daily. These programs can be a complex piece of software and even after 20 years of using it I still have questions. EBI’s services have been an amazing tool that has helped me open up the full potential of the application.

“Whenever I call Earl to ask a question or to help make sure I have optimized my database, he takes his time and has made himself available at a moment’s notice. I STRONGLY suggest using EBI if you use music-scheduling software. What an amazing tool which has given me an advantage over my competitor.”


Mark McCray
Vice President of Programming & Operations
KBFB “The Beat”
KZMJ “Majic 94.5”
Reach Media
Dallas, Texas


“I’ve known Earl and have utilized the services of Earl Boston Inc. for nearly ten years. Music-scheduling programs are complex and sophisticated but more importantly, they cannot be compared to any other program used in broadcast media. Not only is it essential for your programmers to understand the tool that generates the sequences of songs aired on your station, but just as important that each station’s database is routinely monitored to reinforce scheduling accuracy. I can count on EBI and highly recommend his services.”


Chuck Williams
Former Senior Vice President – Market Manager
Emmis Communications
Indianapolis, Indiana


“If you’re thinking about using a service to perfect music-scheduling efficiency and you’re not sure who to go with, may I suggest that you try Earl Boston. While it might not seem that efficiency in music-scheduling matters, let me tell you – it does.

Not all situations are alike. You may need to get better rotations from your power category, you may want to get better artist or group separation, you might want to do improvements to your recurrent and gold categories but aren’t sure what will matter. Trust EBI. I’ve had several other guys help with my music-scheduling software before and neither understood my unique situation. They all used the same strategy they had used with every other radio station…and they all panicked when the ratings didn’t happen.

Earl is patient. We worked the game plan together, and he gives wise counsel along the way. We did some judicious updating, tweaked the music database as we went along and we hit my goals. Most importantly, we recorded highest ratings in WDMK and WGPR history. Across the stations and formats I’ve programmed, there is only one music-scheduling expert I trust implicitly, EBI is it. If you want a quick database set up and walk away, you can get that anywhere. If you want a trusted partner and mentor, you want Earl Boston Inc.”


Nate Bell
Former Program Director
WJLB “Detroit’s Hip-Hop & R&B”
WMXD “Mix 92.3”
Detroit, Michigan


“Earl Boston enhances music-scheduling software like nobody in the business. Programmers I consult have demanded his assistance to get their app to run at its ultimate efficiency. His patient coaching style works to encourage the person to be more confident and computer literate. Earl is the one!”


Steve Smith
Director of Radio Programming
Cox Media Group


“Earl Boston is a God send, he understands all facets of music-scheduling software plus he is a teacher, fixer and radio lifer. His expertise and attention to detail allows programmers to spend more time working on other areas of their jobs. He has been such a help to me during my career. There have been so many moments of frustration that Earl has eased with just a few clicks.

I have learned so much from him and appreciate his professional approach and kind demeanor. More importantly, his willingness to share knowledge and his commitment to spreading the science that he knows so well is unmatched.”


Colby Tyner
Vice President of Programming
Radio One Inc.
Silver Spring, Maryland


Urban Brand Coordinator and Program Director for iHeartMedia, Michael Saunders is a believer in Earl Boston’s comprehensive music-scheduling knowledge. “EBI is the single most important tool for programmers to use to gain an undetected advantage on the competitor.”

Michael Saunders2

Michael Saunders                                                                                                                                                                                    Program Director
Urban Brand Coordinator
104.5 Kiss FM
KQBT-FM “93.7 The Beat”
KTBZ-HD2 “104.5 Kiss FM”
Houston, Texas

“I had the great pleasure of working with Earl Boston of EBI for over four years. Before working with him it would take such a long time to schedule a day’s music log. Today that time has been reduced to 15-20 minutes. It was through his continual guidance, training and expertise that allowed me to spend less time manually adjusting songs for playback and to be more efficient with data entry and database maintenance. I also mastered the best ways to code each song’s individual attributes designed to describe the characteristics of the songs in my library along with a clear understanding of the separation rules. These effective techniques increased my stations time spent listening, thus giving my station an advantage over my direct market competitor. I use that extra 20-30 minutes to focus on other daily tasks. In addition, I also gravitate to the accessibility of Earl Boston. If there is a problem, no matter the size, he responds immediately and works directly with you to find an effective solution. I can always depend on EBI.”


Jay Hicks
Program Director
WPGC “95.5”
Washington, DC


Theodore “Bink” Turner is the operations manager of four Indianapolis radio stations. He raves about Earl Boston’s expertise stating he has been able to help him extensively with his music-scheduling challenges, to the extent that it often seems as though Earl designed the software himself. Not only does EBI provide music-scheduling services for technology, but he also uses his vast years of programming experience to assist program directors more about what it means to have an entertaining and compelling music station. “PD’s need to evaluate and select all or most of the content that is broadcast on their station. This content needs to cohesively build their brand and provide enjoyment for their listeners. Music-scheduling software is often imperative for this task, as it automates many of the processes they need to go through. EBI knows, having the software program isn’t enough: it needs to be utilized to its full extent if it is to deliver the right results.”


Theodore “Bink” Turner
Former Operation Director
WHHH “Hot 96.3”
WTLC “Indy’s R&B Leader”
WNOW-H2 “Boom 102.9”
WTLC “AM 1390: The Light”
Indianapolis, Indiana