Preparing for a Position in Radio – Part 2

As with any type of career, a well-written resume is absolutely essential for those that want to go far in the radio industry. A radio resume should always include a recent sample of your on-air work.Called an air-check, this sample is usually about three to five minutes long and should have a superb lead: the programmer should be hooked on your presentation within the first thirty seconds. Radio

Apart from the air-check, your resume should have a cover letter that is tailored to the position and a description of your personal objectives. In recent years, it has become useful to attach a professional photo to your resume. While radio is about the music, there are many promotional activities that you might need to take part in for the station. Usually, an on-air announcer will need at least three years of experience. There are exceptions; someone who is particularly talented may be able to get away with only a single year of experience.

Most program managers are willing to assist, provide guidance and mentor an on-air talent who shows potential and has an inner drive to succeed. This is the second installment of a four part series that covers everything you need to know about a career in radio. If you want more information today, contact the radio and music-scheduling experts at Earl Boston Inc.