Music-Scheduling for Specialty Weekends

The weekends are a great time to increase your market share with specialty music programming. Listeners have a tendency to listen longer during the weekends compared to weekdays. Programmers should take advantage of the extended listening. For the adult contemporary formatted stations there are a number of creative programming ideas. From class reunion weekends, featured artist specials, to remote broadcasts and more, look for ways to offer a unique change from the normal weekday programming. Specialty weekend features can vary in length. For example, create 20 minute segments, strategically add them to your clocks, and replay them throughout the weekend. Adding these segments to the regular music format will enhance the overall sound of your station on the weekends.Office Woman

Get the best “bang for the buck” by promoting your specialty weekends well in advance. Start by scheduling teaser station promos as early as Wednesday for the upcoming weekend. Highlight the promos by using the voice of the featured artist’s within the promos. Grab and lock in your audience’s attention and remember these specialty weekends don’t cost a thing.

Consider playing live concert versions instead of the studio version of songs by your format’s most popular artists. How about featuring twofers scheduling by the same artists or groups… a live version followed by a studio recorded song. Artists routinely perform their new songs during concerts and featuring these songs will provide a fresh sound for your listeners. These simply changes will offer an alternative to redundant studio versions of the same songs. For more information on specialty weekend scheduling contact Earl Boston Inc.