Becoming an Announcer

Disk Jockey

When I started as an announcer developing my on-air style and presence was a difficult challenge. Hearing my voice through headphones while talking on the microphone offered the initial shock. The instant I heard my voice I began to try to improve the sound and a common tendency for first time announcers is to add bass to their voice to deliver a deeper sound. Needless to say one’s natural sound or vocal quality is always the best and most professional approach to take.

Every voice, regardless of its tonal quality, can attract listeners. In fact, one’s content is far more important than the sound of one’s voice. Disk jockeys and announcers must strive to deliver compelling content because the competition for listeners continues to be a challenging. The average listener of music, news or talk has many different places to get their audio. From mp3 players, satellite radio to other sources of audio to include Pandora.

One way to improve your on-air deliver, when getting started, is to practice recording yourself without the use of headphones. If this seems difficult try using only one side of the headphones. Another way to offer a natural delivery is to wear a smile while speaking. Producing your own commercials is another great way of increasing your confidence. This will also aide in controlling the inflection of your voice.

Here are some easy steps you can take to prepare. Listen and write down the words or content of a few commercials heard on radio. Next, find a quiet room and practice reading the commercial text, known as commercial copy, as many times as necessary to reduce the number of mistakes. Now record your voice on any device that allows you to save the audio. Play back your commercials and continue a daily practice routine. Remember, it’s never too late to become an on-air announcer for radio is a theater of the mind and offers many exciting opportunities. For more information on radio, music-scheduling and time management contact the professionals at Earl Boston Inc.